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Discover the most exciting, versatile and fun fitness system on the market today

The SQAIR® features a unique triple purpose surface with its exclusive grip, balance and glide technology. One side of the SQAIR remains stationary while the other side glides effortlessly across the floor. When stacked, the SQAIRs become a safe plyometric surface for explosive, dynamic movements and balance challenges. With these innovative elements, the programs that can be created are endless!

What is a SQAIR?


Made from a patented bouncy foam surface that won't move on wood, glass, tile, etc. When stacked, they become a safe plyometric surface or balance mat. When turned over, they glide. It replaces 16+ products:

  1. Agility Ladders
  2. Fitness Rings
  3. Glide Boards
  4. Grids
  5. Balance Mats
  6. Plyo-Boxes
  7. Agility Dots
  8. Carpet Tiles
  9. Polyspots
  10. Mats
  11. Glides
  12. Steps
  13. Star Boxes
  14. Cones
  15. Sleds
  16. Core Equipment

We have two versions: one for middle school to adults, and one for youth and seniors.